When we work together, we can always accomplish more than we could on our own. Take a look at some of our partners. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

The Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida

The mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida is to make the love of Jesus Christ come alive, making it known to all people. In total, it includes 76 churches and 162 clergy and ministers. The Episcopal Church believes that everyone is welcome to join for praise and fellowship. There are no outcasts here.

Joshua Catering

In 2018, we welcomed Joshua Catering to our hospitality experience. This premier catering service doesn’t only enhance the quality of food served by our chefs – it builds community and love.

The professionals from Joshua Catering are able to expertly craft delicious meals, with all profits going straight to training in culinary arts with the goal of working to end homelessness. As a social enterprise of The Lord’s Place,  they've spent the past 40 years working towards the mission of “breaking the cycle of homelessness” through serving meals across Palm Beach County.

Café Joshua has been working toward this goal for over 40 years as a hospitality job training platform. Clients in the job training program are able to gain service industry skills and a hospitality work ethic through Joshua Catering’s high-class chefs and staff.