Conference Space

We have 4 conference spaces, hospitable for board meetings, workshops, breakout spaces and presentations. Our spaces include accommodating audio-visual equipment as well a hospitable bar for conferences and events.

Weeks Conference Building

The Weeks Conference Room is our largest and most versatile one at the Duncan Conference Center. For multiple smaller spaces, we also have dividers to split the room into thirds. The maximum capacity is 150 people with only chairs and 80 people with tables.

Stahl Conference Building

The Stahl Conference Building has two meeting spaces with a shared center hospitality bar. Each room can fit 40 people each for a total of 80 with both tables and chairs. Furthermore, these tables can be positioned into the classroom, U-shaped, or conference square configurations.

St. Gregory’s Lodging Building

Built in 1988, the St. Gregory’s lodging Building has two small rooms that can be used for  additional small meeting spaces. These were renovated in 2008 and are conveniently located next to numerous lodging rooms.

Looking for a Space for Your Conference?

The Duncan Conference Center always strives to make the use of our conference rooms as convenient as possible. If you’re searching for a location tucked away in Florida’s foliage that can meet the needs of your next meeting or conference, contact us today.

Our capacities are compliant with CDC requirements with preset seating arrangements. These seating arrangements are based on a theater-style setup.

Our meeting spaces at the Duncan Conference Center are handicap accessible via wheelchair ramps.

Schofield Chapel

Our chapel was built and dedicated in 2005, named after Bishop Calvin Schofield. It can be used in many different ways and has an outdoor area for smaller groups under some shady trees.

Indoor Chapel

The Schofield Chapel is one of our most sacred spaces on campus. It’s labyrinth lined granite floors and arched ceiling creates a peaceful, sacred atmosphere for any potential ceremony, service or meditation.

Groups are welcome to use this venue for a ceremony, meditative gathering, labyrinth walk and more! Chairs can be arranged and preset for your arrival. To preserve our granite floors, we do not allow any tables to be setup in the chapel.

Included in reservation:

  • LCD Projector
  • Handheld or Lapel Microphones
  • Organ
  • Piano

Worship in Your Own Way

At the Duncan Conference Center, we want you to be free to worship in your own way. We are a nondenominational campus and encourage you to use the chapel in a way that represents your style and tradition.

Are You Interested in Using Our Chapel?

If you are looking for a chapel that can fulfill your next gathering's needs, please contact us today to reserve a time.