Our priority is to keep our staff and local community as safe and healthy as possible. In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Duncan Conference Center has taken every precaution recommended by the CDC. For the foreseeable future, everyone in attendance is required to wear facemasks and abide by social distancing guidelines when entering the center.

What are we doing to keep our oasis a safe and comfortable venue?

Our staff will be upholding the highest standard of cleanliness before, during and after guests are onsite. We will be making every effort to disinfect all surfaces and we will be equipped with the necessary protective equipment.

Thorough Cleaning Process

We will be conducting daily fogging with nontoxic disinfectants of all areas of our conference center. This will be done every morning and we will not be allowing guests in until all areas have been disinfected.


To limit interactions, we will only be conducting housekeeping turnovers upon request. When we do a sweep of the rooms, we will remove all amenities, if you need an iron or a hairdryer, they will be available, but you must request them at check-in. We ask that all room supplies such as pillows, mats, and blankets always stay in their designated room.


We ask that you wear your masks while you wait in line to get your food, but they of course can be removed while you eat. There will be social distancing seating both indoor and outdoor, and all the meals will be prepackaged in disposable kitchenware. To maintain safety guidelines, we will not be offering buffet or self-service.

Joshua Catering has been serving COVID-safe meals in efficient and safe ways for the past several months. We trust the way that our partners have continued their dining service without compromising the value for health and safety.

Joshua Catering is committed to maintaining the highest standards for a clean, healthy, and safe environment for their customers and team members. They continue to uphold and abide by all COVID-19 safety guidelines and practiced lined out by the CDC during both the preparation and delivery of food.

What are we asking of our guests?

We aim to keep our center safe without inconveniencing our guests. However, to maintain a healthy environment, we have instituted additional precautions. It is our hope you abide by these guidelines to keep yourself and your fellow guests safe.

Check-in Process

Before coming, ask yourself how you’re feeling. If you notice anything that resembles a potential symptom, please refrain from coming to the property.

If you do not have symptoms and you choose to come, we ask that you bring a personal supply of masks and hand sanitizers. Furthermore, for the sake of maintaining social distancing guidelines, we will only be allowing two guests at a time into our administrative building.

While You Are On-Site

Masks are not a replacement for social distance, so please, while you are on our grounds, use masks and refrain from getting closer than six feet to other guests. We also ask that you refrain from making physical contact with other guests, this includes kissing and hugging.

Have More Questions About Our COVID-19 Precautions?

We understand that some might find these measures inconvenient, but we hope you see that they are necessary to maintain your health and safety. Duncan Conference Center is a place of love, healing, and spirituality. As such, we are committed to keeping all our guests safe. If you have any questions about our safety guidelines, please give us a call.